Bar Ratings

Stephen Swedlow has been given positive ratings by every bar association which evaluated his credentials to serve as Judge.

Chicago Bar Association – Highly Qualified

Decalogue Society of Lawyers – Highly Recommended

Chicago Council of Lawyers – Well Qualified

Illinois State Bar Association – Qualified

Asian American Bar Association – Recommended

Women’s Bar Association of Illinois – Recommended

Cook County Bar Association – Recommended

Arab American Bar Association – Recommended

Puerto Rican Bar Association – Recommended

Hellenic Bar Association – Recommended

Black Women Lawyers Association – Recommended

“Mr. Swedlow is considered to have excellent legal ability and has substantial litigation experience in highly complex matters in both state and federal courts.  He has both trial and appellate experience, including cases argued before the Illinois Supreme Court. He is praised for his litigation skills.  He is reported to have a very good and professional temperament, while being a zealous advocate.  The Council finds him Well Qualified for the Circuit Court.”

–Chicago Council of Lawyers