Mass incarceration is a stain on America’s conscience

Criminal Justice Reform

Black Lives Matter. Many of our laws and systems were built to keep enslaved people in order, with little restructuring. We must change and be more compassionate to black lives and all marginalized people.

Simply assigning more police officers to address the current crisis will not solve the underlying issues. Further, not only is crime hovering at historic lows but existing law enforcement funds are not being utilized efficiently: Roughly 40% of homicides and 70% of robberies go unresolved and  9 out of 10 response calls handled by law enforcement stem from non-violent issues, ranging from mental health to homelessness. We must assign non-violent crimes to entities better equipped to handle these societal challenges will help to boost efficiency and augment the clearance rate for resolving violent crimes.

W.E.B Dubois encapsulated this enduring plight of Black individuals over a century ago as “double consciousness”, a longing to be both Black and American without having the doors of opportunity closed roughly in one’s face. And yet Black American’s are still clamoring for that promise of equal justice and opportunity to be recognized as fully equal citizens.