This most recent budget passed by Congress is a moral outrage. We must create an economy that supports workers to earn a livable wage, and stops corporate welfare for the 1%

For over two centuries, the United States has been called “the land of opportunity,” a place where individuals and families can live and prosper in freedom — The American Dream. This popular idea, maintains that the joys of financial well-being are within reach for anyone willing to work hard.  But Trump’s and Andy Barr’s “corporate welfare” (tax breaks) have combined with the devastating effects of Covid and climate change to make many of our hard-working families question that Dream.

Unsurprisingly, the barriers faced by White, Black, and Hispanic workers are not the same. While many Americans might feel the burden of income inequality and plummeting purchasing power, some racial and ethnic groups have fared worse than others. For that matter, women of all races have, too.

We must work to build economic and social policies to revive the promise of America, and create renewed opportunities for Kentucky’s hard-working families who for decades have been falling further and further behind.